u$aar v3.0

Video, 3D, 3 min. 59 sec.

Social media platforms stealTH analytics data, while algorithmic lifestyleTM shapes gifsÌžloops, making the internet the territory of all appropriations and transmutations of content that have been revealed there, willingly or not. The work takes a playful, critical and irreverent look at how data shapes and distorts social-political events, while generating memetic media coverage. The festive and chaotic choreography that takes place translates this twisted relationship while hysterically making fun of it.


S4RA is a non-binary && genderqueer digital artist that has spent endless hours fighting monsters & strolling through mazes. so, it only felt natural 2 evolve through an experimental & explorative process of gaming visual culture & popular gif files. also feeds on social media platforms 2 engage animations into the depths of gender role play & political plots. still plays old school video games.