ROSS 128 (exoparty)

Elisa Gleize & Thomas Lopez
Virtual reality headset + PC

ROSS 128 (exoparty) is a meta-fictional and interactive experience in which aliens incarnated as avatars on a platform invite the user to participate in their trans-species party. In an environment with an organic and architectural aesthetic, two buttons present themselves to the spectator to visually punctuate the techno acid sound of the virtual rave experience. The project is presented as a video clip over several minutes.


Elisa Gleize (Elyza) articulates her vision through videos, by subverting virtual platforms or video games. Outside of the cyberspace, she creates portraits using moving image, or depicts situations that deal with sensitive subjects by blurring the limits between reality and fiction. She explores themes of the body, sometimes through the figure of the avatar, and sometimes through its own incarnation, attentive to the state of youth, old age or the psyche. She pays particular attention to the future of the animal identity and its role in the biotechnological context, pointing out inter-species dilemmas. She structures her themes through speculative narratives in a poetic, sometimes satirical tone. Elisa also experiments with sound, which allows her to navigate her thoughts more swiftly, as well as with painting, a medium that helps her transcend her subjects in a different way.

Thomas Lopez is a real time 3D artist/graphic designer. He creates visual worlds inspired by celestial physics proposing dreamlike interpretations of the cosmos and micro-macrocosm correlations. A former student in biology and then at Udem in Montreal in arts, creation and technology, his artistic research focuses on inter-species cohabitation in augmented audiovisual performances. For the past few years, Thomas has also worked on architectural projections or as a VJ for electronic music events. (Festival château Perché, Fête des Lumières in Lyon, EP7 Paris, Festival of Avignon...) Combining live performance with musicians or pre-calculated creation, the artist's spectrum is always impregnated with his passion for the complex systems of the living. Currently working at Artisans d'idées in Marseille, Thomas is creating 3D audio-reactive environments to accompany dance and music performances.