Explorer le son de l’eau et la vague des étoiles

Hazy Montagne Mystique & Pulsatilla & Guillaume Vallée
synths, flute and live video

Exploring the possibilities of direct interaction between the voice and the flute in relation to video, by making the latter reactive to sound waves. By seeing an audio signal to an audiovisual program, the latter will translate the images into a visual reaction and thus create a material and conceptual connection within the project.


It's been 2 years since the sound artists Chittakone Baccam Thirakul (Hazy Montagne Mystique) and Lisa Teichmann have been collaborating with Guillaume Vallée on visuals. Over the past two years, they have participated in the Phénomena Festival for the project "Pas d'apparat corps" resulting from a residency at Studio 303 with the artist Calla Durose-Moya.

This project was also presented as part of the HTMlles Festival. They were able to perform live their project "Bonjour/High" for the evening "À l'ombre des astres" presented by the collectives Le Sémaphore and Hors Champ and at the Daimôn artists' center in Gatineau.