do u think ur better off alone

Lanéya Billingsley (Billie0cean)
Video, 4 min. 44 sec.

This piece was made in 2021 during a moment of deep solitude brought on by covid isolation. That moment where we all, against our will, became acquainted with, or further acquainted with solitude, loneliness, and dissociation but also self-exploration. “I had spent my time working out in my bedroom, processing anger and sadness and everything in between. Feeling pissed off mid-plank, replaying old moments I wished went differently. Then I'd smoke a bowl, lay on my bed, and enter the fantasy realm, too triggered to focus on anything else.” This piece is about that: the spirally feeling many of us were experiencing, in our own ways, all at the same time.


Lanéya Billingsley aka Billie0cean, is an experimental filmmaker, sound designer, graphic designer, and creative director based in the Bay Area. With a background in animation and theatre, Billie's work is water for the heart and sugar for our melancholy. Bubblegum Afro-futurism with brass knuckles and bedroom eyes, Billie has shown their conceptual video and visual art work at Classic Cars West in Oakland, Swim Gallery in San Francisco, de:formal in New york, and Coaxial in Los Angeles as well as created video and visuals for artists Toro y Moi, mia carucci, Mowalola, Kelly Lee Owens, and Spellling.