Rehab Hazgui
Quadraphonic Live Performance

AVICENNA is the premiere of Rehab Hazgui's new Live performance. Observing how the world today is continuously transforming, an idea of motion comes to mind. Inspired by Avicenna’s analysis of motion and certain purported necessary conditions needed if there is to be motion, such as place, void, time, and the continuum.


Rehab Hazgui is a Tunisian sound artist & designer, modular synthesis performer and composer of electronic music. Using the analog synthesizer and handmade audio devices, she explores the endless movement of sound, repetition and the use of silence as a third space on the boundary to navigate between different forms of listening. Through immersive live improvisation, Rehab interacts with her synthesizers, guiding their development and growth into pieces that unfold in the present moment. Much of her work is informed by her deep adoration for sound, and her grounded relationship with the analog synthesizer, a tool she has applied herself to not only as a composer and player but also as a designer and builder.