Doom Simulator: BILLAR EL COMETA

Santiago Tamayo Soler
Video (3D and code), 5 min.

Set in a burning and futuristic Colombia, "Doom Simulator: BILLAR EL COMETA” is a video, stylized as a fake simulator, where the main "player" or "character" tries to escape the bar where he's in, and reach a safe spot to avoid getting killed by an asteroid collision. While the character escapes, we are left witness to the now empty space that he once occupied and its impending destiny. "Doom Simulator: BILLAR EL COMETA" is the continuation of the world exploration that began with "ne∅n," the resulting work from Tamayo Soler's Instagram residency with Dazibao in 2022. As opposed to "ne∅n" which focused mainly on re-imagined external façades of buildings along a desolate Colombian highway, "Doom Simulator" focuses on the interior of one of those buildings.


Santiago Tamayo Soler (he/him) [Bogotá, Colombia 1990] is a Montréal-based interdisciplinary artist working mainly in video, with a background in performance art and film. He holds a BFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University (Montreal, QC). Santiago is interested in world-building and uses the diverse narrative devices available to him through adherence to a digital approach to production and creation. Specifically, he develops narrative through the juxtaposition of digitally built locations with real footage, and the overlay of fictionally ambiguous accounts with eco-political examination. Tamayo Soler’s scenes give a home to Latin American, immigrant, and queer stories of a radical futuristic fantasy.