she.PHASE & Golpesar

HOPITAL is clinical, sick, sterile, sound. Ascetic light shows and narrow corridors. HOPITAL is not a place of refuge, but a place to pool our ailments.


HOPITAL is a collaborative project between visual artist Emma Forgues [she.PHASE] and musician Rouzbeh Shadpey [GOLPESAR]. Both artists are currently based in Montreal and have exhibited their work locally and internationally.

GOLPESAR is the sonic project of Montreal based artist and musician Rouzbeh Shadpey. Avant-garde electronics, spoken word, and echoes of Iranian sonics overspill. An affection term in Farsi, GOLPESAR /گلپسر imperfectly translates to “flower boy”.

Emma Forgues is a new media artist based in Montreal. Their interests revolve around the cultural and emotional impacts of science and technology on the female body, through installation and performance projects.