Analog video and live modular synth performance

Victoria Keddie & Rose Kallal
analog video, modular synthesizers

Live premiere of solo works with improvisations for analog modular synthesizer, video, and live camera.

Both Kallal and Keddie compose and perform for electronic synthesizers. They work with analog film and video and perform live using projection and mixing technologies.

This show marks the third time Victoria Keddie and Rose Kallal have performed together in creating an immersive audio and visual experience. Starting with the Modular Solstice Festival in 2014 and again at the 360° David Rubenstein Atrium, Lincoln Center in collaboration with Lyles and King Gallery and NADA in 2017. For this iteration, the artists are focusing on elemental emergence and collapse.


Victoria Keddie

Victoria Keddie is an artist, working with electronic sound and video, transmission, and televisual broadcast. Recent projects include customized software to sound space debris, the sounding of a Utopian landmark building, and a televisual installation within a vacant flagship retail store. Keddie is Co-Director of E.S.P. TV, a nomadic TV studio and cable access series, that realizes synthetic environments and deconstructs the televisual for live performance.

Rose Kallal

Rose Kallal is a multi disciplinary installation and performance artist using video synthesis, 16mm film and electronic sound. Kallal’s multiple projection performances incorporate cycling repetitive patterns and animations along with live modular synthesizer. She precipitates a duality between the dissolving timeline of the graphics in the projections and the technology used to generate them. Analog feedback systems simulate the unfolding and collapsing of space and time with images and sound feeding unto themselves, much like the timeline unfolding beyond the physical confines of the projection. She has presented her work internationally at many institutions, galleries, and music festivals, including; Pace Gallery (NYC), SF MoMA (SF, CA), MoMA PS1 (LIC, NY), CCA (Glasgow, UK), Cafe OTO (London, UK), Issue Project Room (Brooklyn, NY), Atonal Festival (Berlin DE), CTM Festival (Berlin, DE), Sonic Acts (Amsterdam, NL), Performa (NYC), Lyles and King Gallery (NYC). Sound releases on UK label We Can Elude Control.