Workshop | Sound Immersed Metaverse Playground with INTER/MEDIATE

Wood, Clay, Playthings, Paper, Ink, Speakers, Mozilla Hubs, Spoke, Tinkercad

Sound Immersed Metaverse Playground is a play centered WebXR workshop, where participants will first imagine their virtual space through clay, drawing and other tactile elements. We will then build and conceptualize this physical space digitally using TinkerCAD and Mozilla Hubs, and learn to arrange sound in a virtual space.


early childhood programming, play captain

With a passion for cultivating play and imagination, Alanna programs interdisciplinary workshops, and designs digital educational resources for kids, families and educators. Her sound exploration and new media workshops are rooted in mindfulness, creativity, adventure, activism, and community.Alanna has a background in contemporary art, classical music and new music composition. Her work presents pedagogy and play as interconnected experiences; combining the use of new media and the Reggio Emilia approach. Alanna's uses a multi-modal approach in S.T.E.A.M education which has been facilitated through galleries and schools. Her vision to make the world a better place frequently aligns with organizations who invest in art and technology programs for young age groups; children must be inspired and empowered to create a better future.

INTER/MEDIATE is media art educational series focused on cultivating growth within media art communities and empowering under-represented groups by providing access to workshops, mentorships and collaborative opportunities. INTER/MEDIATE's play-centric programming includes a hybrid of technical and soft-skill workshops and artist talks designed with entry-level learners in mind. ---- IG @intermediatefestival