Keynote #1 - Dance of Urgency

I will be speaking about how the project I Dance Alone observes dance floors from a bird's eye view or what used to be called the divine perspective. Crowds are analyzed as microscopic samples.

Zooming in to dancing gestures and anonymous dancing bodies has provided extensive knowledge and insight into club culture and its transformation in times of socio-political changes. As if dancing crowds are like clouds announcing changing weather conditions or sensing may be times of shifts and urgencies that are about to come.

In my work, I travel between looking at dancing crowds, a form of political protest, to tracing empowering powers that dance holds for everyone who dares to move. The curation of symposiums and exhibitions became an active methodology in my work. It awarded me with the term "dance of urgency", a dance that rises in times of personal and collective crises, and such a dance aims to empower individuals and groups. My presentation will be supported by various video archived material and visual examples. The most important part of dance and fascination with it is not knowing but moving within or towards it.


Bogomir Doringer is a Serbian / Dutch artist, researcher and curator. He is doing an Artistic Research PhD at the University of Applied Arts Vienna with the ongoing research project "I Dance Alone," which observes clubbing from a birds-eye-view as a reflection and reaction to social and political changes. Investigating collective and individual dynamics of the dance floor and different functions that dance that is performed has. Bogomir is curator and head of education and research at Nxt Museum in Amsterdam. He is speaking and teaching internationally. He has been co-curator of Envisioning Free Spaces-the public day of the Stadt Nach Acht conference since 2014. He contributes to various international music festivals, club programs, and institutions throughout his work and research.