Workshop | Sound Immersed Metaverse Playground with INTER/MEDIATE

Wood, Clay, Playthings, Paper, Ink, Speakers, Mozilla Hubs, Spoke, Tinkercad

Sound Immersed Metaverse Playground is a play centered WebXR workshop, where participants will first imagine their virtual space through clay, drawing and other tactile elements. We will then build and conceptualize this physical space digitally using TinkerCAD and Mozilla Hubs, and learn to arrange sound in a virtual space.


Kiran Bhumber ਕਿਰਨਦੀਪ ਕੌਰ ਭੰਬਰ is an Indo-Canadian interdisciplinary media artist, composer, performer, and educator. Her practice considers the mediation of memory through emerging technologies and how the body reinscribes memory into the present. Her work results in constructing interactive installations and performances that examine movement, touch, and performativity. As a composer, Bhumber’s practice centers around multichannel and spatial arrangements and how the choreography of sound can influence the listeners notion of space, time and narrative. Bhumber co-created Telepresence, a VR performance presented by Western Front, and was a composer and sound designer for Tidal Traces, a VR 360 dance film with the National Film Board of Canada. Her work has been presented at MUTEK Japan, SXSW, and Cannes Film Festival, among others. Bhumber is a co-director of INTER/MEDIATE, a media art educational festival focused on cultivating growth within Vancouver’s media art communities and empowering marginalized communities. Bhumber is a Sundance New Frontier alumni and is collaborating with Nancy Lee on a speculative-sci fi solo exhibition, UNION.

INTER/MEDIATE is media art educational series focused on cultivating growth within media art communities and empowering under-represented groups by providing access to workshops, mentorships and collaborative opportunities. INTER/MEDIATE's play-centric programming includes a hybrid of technical and soft-skill workshops and artist talks designed with entry-level learners in mind. ---- IG @intermediatefestival